We can supply Southern Cross windmills, windmill parts and accessories

We can supply Southern Cross windmills and available Southern Cross parts.

Please contact us for parts diagram or parts availability, or size selection and pricing.

Windmill Parts and Accessories

Want to keep your old girl pumping….

Here at Queensland Windmill and Solar, we have access to whatever spare parts are still available for the major brands of windmills in Australia.

We also have an extensive collection of used spare parts. 

Contact Us for parts diagrams, lists, and pricing or check out our online store.

Windmill Basics

  • The first renewable energy pumping option was using wind
  • Windmills have traditionally been the mainstay of pumping for rural Australia
  • The classic Australian windmill has not evolved much for over a century – in fact the latest Southern Cross model, the “IZ”, was released in 1949

How Windmills Work

  • A windmill is not actually a mill, as in the classic European windmill, but a pump, a “windpump”
  • It converts wind energy into mechanical energy
  • In a geared windmill, the gearbox turns this rotational energy into an up-and-down motion which drives the pump
  • The pump component uses pump buckets to lift water, rather like a bike pump moves air

Windmills in Landscaping

Windmills have an iconic appearance which appeals to many, and even though in many cases the windmill has been superseded out in the paddock, it is still popular in landscaping applications.

Extract from “The Shak” (Channel Nine) with Clay, showing how Windmills work.