QLD Windmill and Solar have access to a range of Data Monitoring and Telemetry Systems

What is Telemetry?

  • Telemetry is a technology that allows data to be remotely gathered, recorded, and acted upon without having to be at the location.
  • Information can be transmitted using 3G or satellite

Why is Telemetry used?

  • To remotely monitor and manage, in particular, water infrastructure
  • To reduce travel costs, and save time and labour 
  • Typically to monitor eg dam or tank levels, with pre-determined alerts
  • Also able to monitor water flow in pipelines

Lorentz Data Monitoring

LORENTZ pump systems can be connected to our LORENTZ Global management service. This is a simple, cloud-delivered, pay monthly service that takes away the complexity of remote monitoring and management. One low fee means that you can see exactly what the system is doing, make changes to settings and receive alerts irrespective of location.

For further information on Lorentz Data Monitoring, please contact Qld Windmill and Solar.

FARMBOT Telemetry Systems