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Solar Water Pumping Made SIMPLE

The S1-200 is a complete solar pump system in a box. Installation is very easy, just connect the plugs and start pumping water.

Even the pipe connection fits standard 1” hoses, so there are no special connections needed. The S1-200 is a compact and lightweight submersible pump, ready to take away. It can be permanently installed, or used in applications where is frequently moved.

With the LORENTZ S-connect App, you can control and monitor your pump system. S-Connect gives you advanced settings such as speed control, daily target amounts, and timers. The App also monitors performance over time and assists with product support.

The S1-200 system includes

  • Helical rotor pump with high efficiency DC brushless motor
  • All new polymer controller and polymer motor design
  • Pre-attached 15m motor cable with plug for controller
  • Weatherproof , secure, plug connections for PV, motor & accessories
  • S1-200 mini controller with accessory inputs for dry-run protection and tank-full switch
  • Bluetooth connectivity with LORENTZ S-Connect app – App specifically designed for use by consumers, and compatible with both Android and I-phone devices
  • PV module adaptor to use any standard PV module (max 55 VOC), or 2 of LORENTZ 100Watt panels connected in series
  • Accessories are available, as are cable extensions if needed
  • All warranty is back-to-base (QW&S workshop). The pump comes in 3 sizes for different heads/flow capacities (see charts below using 2 of 100Watt LORENTZ panels).

There is increasing competition in the solar pump market. Alongside the traditional pump companies there is an increasing number of packaged pumps / inverters or repurposed products that are sold as solar pumps. These are available from many online sellers, non specialised channels often with little regard for quality for performance, for many sellers it is just another commodity to sell.

There is clearly a place in the market for a high quality, reliable, high performing products from a trusted brand, this is where we see the LORENTZ S products fit. LORENTZ S products do not compromise on the core LORENTZ values of quality, efficiency and reliability in any way, but do offer access to a wider section of the market.

S1-200 is designed for self install and self support by the end customer

The pump comes in 3 sizes for different heads/flow capacities.