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LORENTZ Solar Pumps

Reliable water pumping without the maintenance....

We supply the LORENTZ solar pumping system. We see huge potential for the use of solar-powered pumping systems. Solar powered pumps are efficient, reliable, cheap to run, easy to install, and require little or no maintenance. Unlike windmills, solar pumps will pump the most water when you need the most - those long hot dry still days that Australian summers are famous for. There is a large range of LORENTZ pumps suited to many different pumping applications. The PS200, PS600, PS1800 and PS4000 HR models are 316/304 stainless steel helical rotor pumps that can suit bore or surface water applications to a maximum head of 450 metres. The LORENTZ product range also includes a large range of solar-powered submersible and surface centrifugal pumps, capable of pumping huge volumes, plus the PS600 and PS1800 pool pump models, and the PS150-Boost pressure pump. All the models pump directly from solar panels utilizing an electronic controller, so there is no need for batteries, though battery charging can be added if desired. Power packs also available so mains or generator power can be used as a backup for high water-demand periods. LORENTZ pumps are very competitively priced and are usually supplied as a complete system kit with full instructions so that they can be simply self-installed if required.

The LORENTZ solar pump was designed in Germany by Bernt Lorentz and is the most cost effective and reliable solar pumping system available in Australia. With a wide variety of pump and controller models, coupled with different solar panel arrays, both fixed and tracking, we can provide exactly the right solar pumping system for your application. If you have a bore, river, creek, well, spring, tank or dam, we can design the perfect LORENTZ solar pumping system for your needs.

The PS Series of submersible pumps eliminates the weakest links in solar pumping by using helical rotor (progressing cavity) and centrifugal pump ends and a brushless and water-filled motor. This means that there are no failure-prone diaphragms or motor bushes to replace.

All electronic control parts are above ground for easy access and greatest reliability. The controller is weather-sealed for all climates. The LORENTZ system is supplied as a complete system kit, engineered for the lift and daily volume that you require.

DEEP WELL APPLICATIONS. The pump can be submerged as deep as necessary to ensure reliable water supply. Submersion depth does not affect the performance or place additional stress on the pump or motor. Most of the pumps fit 4” and larger bore casings, though Lorentz also supplies a pump with a 3.5” diameter for smaller bore casings

SURFACE WATER APPLICATIONS. The pump can be installed in a stream, pond, tank, or well, in any position. This eliminates any need for a pump house or for periodic priming.

DRY RUN PROTECTION. A low water probe turns the pump off to prevent dry run damage. Reset is automatic after 20 minutes. The controllers have a RPM limit adjustment to reduce the maximum flow rate to about 50% to help match a limited water supply.

CONTROLLER. Low level probe, and float-/remote switch terminals. Lights indicate: system on, pump on, pump speed, tank full, water source low, overload, and high temperature.

WETTED MATERIALS. 316/304 stainless steel, stainless steel check valve, chromium. NBR rubber, natural rubber, polyurethane (cable).

STORAGE REQUIREMENT. A storage tank (not included) should be sized to supply a minimum of 5-10 days water supply, depending on climate and application. Water storage is generally more economical than energy storage in batteries.

SOLAR TRACKER OPTION. A solar tracker automatically aims the solar array at the sun throughout the day. In clear weather, tracking increases the daily water volume by about 40% in summer (15% in winter). The tracker’s drive uses a simple linear motor.

NEED MORE WATER.  Consider the PS4000 system for a helical rotor pump for high heads up to 450m. Or if it is volume at lower heads that you want, look at the PSk range of centrifugal pumps. And for smaller applications, you can't go past the economy of the PS150 Centric, which can utilize as little as one 100 Watt solar panel. But our most commonly required system is the simple helical rotor pumps, coupled with a range of controller models to suit your application.

INSTALLATION. Install the pump by the same methods and materials used for conventional submersible pumps. The solar array requires nuts-and-bolts assembly and standard wiring practices. The instruction manual is clearly illustrated and no special product training is required.

WARRANTY. 2 years manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.