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Case Studies

16 Panel Tracking

These 2 tracking arrays power a PS4000 CSJ3-32 centrifugal pump. With a total of 3040Watts, this system provides on average around 22,000 litres on average of bore water per day at a tdh of 152m.

16 Panel Tracking

These tracking arrays power a PS4000 CSJ5-25 centrifugal pump installed down a bore. The water is pushed a distance of 1.5km, and at a total head of 70m, pumps around 48,000 litres per day.

2 Panel Fixed on Bore

This system uses a PS600 controller with a HR14 helical rotor pump and 400watts of solar power. Before installation, repairs to top of casing were needed. On average, will pump 13,000 litres per day at tdh 30m

2 Panels Mounted on Windmill Tower

In this situation, a PS150 CSJ5-8 submersible centrifugal solar pump was installed to replace an existing windmill pump, utilizing the windmill tower to mount the 2 of 95Watt solar panels. At a tdh of 13m, this system on average will pump around 10,000 litres per day. This pump model is perfect for low head situations, using only 12 or 24 Volts


2 Tracking Arrays at Power Station

This system was installed to replace a diesel pump to reclaim used water from a power station. It uses a PS4000 centrifugal CSJ17-4 solar submersible pump installed under pontoon. With 3200Watts tracking, it pumps on average 176,000 litres per day at tdh 22m

3 Panel Fixed Pumping from Bore

This fixed array powers a PS1200 system with an HR07 pump installed down a bore with a static head of 23m. At a total head of 77m, pumps around 7,300 litres per day.

3 Panel Fixed Pumping from Well

This PS600 HR04H system lifts 5,200 litres a day up 111m vertically to a tank from a well.

4 Panel Fixed Array

This bore had been equipped with a mains-powered submersible, powered by a generator. This was removed and a PS1800 HR07H solar pump was installed instead. This is powered by an 800Watt array, and should on average pump 9,900 litres per day at tdh 87m.

8 Panel Fixed

This bore is equipped with a PS1800 HR14H helical rotor system. It pumps around 15,000 litres per day to a tank 1.5km away. Total dynamic head including pipeline friction is 107m. The 2nd photo shows a snake that came up with the piping when servicing pump.

8 Panel Fixed Array

This is a PS1800 system using a CSJ5-12 solar centrifugal pump, installed down a new bore. With 1520Watts, at a 32m total head, will pump on average 42,000 litres (9238g) per day. If required, can also pump up to 2nd tank with an extra 23m static height.


8 Panel Tracking from a Dam

This tracking array powers a PS1800 HR23 helical rotor pump installed in a dam. With a total of 1520Watts, this system provides on average around 27,000 litres on average per day at a tdh of 69m.

Multiple Fixed Arrays

These fixed arrays power a PS4000 CSJ5-25 centrifugal pump installed down a bore. With a total of 3420Watts, this will provide on average 24,000 litres at a tdh of 115m.

Multiple Tracking Arrays

These tracking arrays power a PS1800 centrifugal pump. The system has a dual purpose. It returns recycled industrial water back to a large water tower for re-use. When the tank is full, a radio transmitter sends a signal back to a receiver at the dam. This then diverts the water through a series of fountain nozzles which have the combined effect of keeping the water aerated, and for an aesthetically pleasing water feature.

PS1800 Helical Rotor with 4 Panels

This bore is equipped with a PS1800 HR07H system with 800Watts. At a 100m tdh, it will pump on average 8,400 litres per day.

Solar Farm

This is a 30KW gridfeed solar farm on a total of 18 trackers using Lorentz tracker controllers, offsetting irrigation pumping costs.